Just watch Mad Money

I've been a big Jim Cramer fan for years, although I tend to lean towards more shorter-duration technical trading. I do respect Jim for attempting to give simplified fundamental investment advice to the masses as opposed to the get rich quick mentality of most other trading sites. I joined Action Alerts Plus back in June as I had never used a paid newsletter before and figured it was a good starting point at a fair price ($350/yr). You'll receive real time updates of changes to Jim's charitable trust portfolio. You can also see the performance of Jim's portfolio and unfortunately it has underperformed the S&P. If you've read any of Jim's books, you'll know he has a fundamental, buy-what-you-know trading style. His basket includes household names like McDonalds, Disney, and Nike. I think mimicking the charitable trust portfolio would be a good idea for your IRA, but not if you're looking for shorter term swing trades. On the website, he recommends having at least $5,000 in order to be properly diversified; although I think that's impossible. This is really for a large, dividend yielding long term portfolio. Ultimately I canceled the service during my free trial. You do have to call to cancel, although the customer service rep I spoke to was friendly and did not try to sell me anything else. I'd recommend watching Jim Cramer on CNBC before the market opens and on Mad Money. His latest book, "Get Rich Carefully" is a great book for new investors to check out.

Bound by Their Legs, Slashed Open and Skinned While Still Alive and Kicking

Workers picked up gentle lambs and – while the animals were fully conscious – tied their legs together, plunged knives into their throats and sawed through their necks. Blood poured from the wounds as they kicked with their only free leg. Workers then snapped their heads backwards, apparently trying to break their necks. Even after all that, some of the lambs still managed to cry out and gasp. Minutes later, some lambs were still alive and kicking when a worker drove a knife into their legs to start skinning them. Eventually, they were hacked apart. Their organs were carved out of their bodies and their severed heads dumped into a bloody tub. All this happened in full view of other lambs. They were just feet away and cried out in what must have been terror and severe distress. Older sheep – used for their wool, then no longer wanted – were lined up, tackled and dragged away to be shipped to slaughter.