In order to raise funds for their services, many United States non-profit organizations rely on programs that allow people to donate their automobiles. In fact, for some programs, up to 80% of their annual revenues come from these vehicle donations.

Unfortunately, the changes made in 2004 to the tax laws have caused many non-profits to terminate their services and close offices because they were unable to raise the necessary money to remain operational.

If you are planning on running a vehicle donation program, you must become aware of these changes in the law to make the program a success.

Autism Speaks has an advocacy initiative known as Autism Votes. It has a two-fold focus:

  1. Maximize funding and support for autism services, awareness, surveillance, and research.
  2. Work in the courts, Congress, and within state capitals for insurance reforms that will maximize coverage for autism treatments such as behavioral health treatments that are evidence based.

Policy makers and service providers struggle to get the reliable information they need to answer important questions.
How can agencies provide the help that the steadily increasing number of adults on the spectrum of autism require?
Who is best served and which programs serve them the best?
In a world in which funds are limited, from which programs do adults on the spectrum of autism receive the most benefits?
These pressing questions affect hundreds of thousands of families struggling with the effects of autism.
What happens once a child with autism completes high school?
What should families do to help them live their adult lives?
What happens to the autistic child once the parents are gone?

In order to make more intelligent decision, better information about the future needs must be available.

Parents of children with autism comprise most of the membership of the Autism Votes team. At the national and international levels, the team has received a great deal of coverage. On the left, you can browse through to find press coverage of recent work done by the team.

When it comes to evaluating and learning lessons about how to improve the quality of life, there is a huge gap in this field of research. We are attempting to fill this void using our unique approach of measuring the outcomes of current efforts to gain insight.

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