"I really enjoyed the demo from Ami. I really like that you guys have created much improved algorithms to determine how to tune indexes based on workloads. I will keep this in mind if I have any clients that are looking for performance tuning with their indexes."

Venkata Bavirisetty, DBA, XPAND Corporation

"I did enjoy the demo and was surprised at what the software could do. The optimization examples especially intrigued me as I was amazed at the intelligence built into the software. It was to the point and provided a good overview of the software."

Adam Durr,Remote Database support

"Thank you for the opportunity, I really enjoyed participating. I got impressed with Qure and I have no doubts that it would be a great to have."


"Yes it was indeed a very good webinar. It is a really nice tool to tweak the performance of the code. As a DBA, we would love to keep something like this in our pockets handy."

A Santos, Senior Database Developer

"The demo is quite informative and I like the product so much. I am going to download and test the trial version."

Boon Yau, SQL Server DBA